Welcome to Roy Christian Church

Growth opportunities

Small Groups, Bible Studies, and other classes are where people are doing life together, asking questions, learning about God, munching on snacks, and having FUN. These groups are safe places to ask questions about God, explore what it means to be a Christ-follower, give and get support.

Some groups are organized by geography, some by schedule, and some by common interest. Each group really does have it's own "personality" so we encourage you to try several groups until you find one that is a good fit for you. We promise the group leaders won't be offended if you just say you decided to try another group. We don't want you to feel like just because you went once you are now stuck going forever. And maybe I should mention, we don't bite. The groups are safe places for you to meet friends and learn more about God.

Adult Bible Study

Thursdays at 6:15 pm,  Pastor James Sayers leads a Bible study for men and women in the large classroom behind the worship center. Certainly bring your Bible, a notebook, and a pen. You're welcome to bring your own drink along, and no one every got mad about some goodies shared with the class!

Tuesdays at 6:00 pm, associate Zach Harris leads a study for young adults in the lower level of the RCC office. It's more of a casual setting for young adults to ask questions and explore a deeper relationship with Christ.