Welcome to Roy Christian Church


Mission Statement


Our Mission:
Roy Christian Church: Leading People to Life-Changing Connections with Jesus, His Family and Our World.
Leading People:  We don't want to just point the way to a life with Christ, (the "Jesus is over there; someone will help you!" approach).  We aspire to take friends and neighbors by the hand and help them find the way!
Life-Changing Connections:  Having a relationship with God through Christ changes everything!  Perspectives are changed.  Priorities are changed.  Futures are changed.  Our vision is to lead people to changed lives.  We will be a church that offers opportunities to connect.
Connecting with Jesus:  Connecting to God through Christ Jesus is the basis for all we do and all we are.  We want to show people what Jesus is like through what we say, what we do, and how we think.  He is the only means for real change and for real hope.  We will be connected to Jesus!
Connecting with His Family:  It is impossible to be a follower of Jesus without being connected to the church.  Period.  Every image of the church in the Bible is of a unit made up of many other interdependent components--a body, a field, a building, an army, and so on.  Being a Christian is not just about "Jesus and Me;" it's also "Jesus and We."  The church (God's Family) is designed to be a place where we can give and receive support, encouragement, love, and forgiveness.  We will strive to have 100 percent of our church involved in a small group to experience Christian community.
Connecting with Our World:  The world is bigger than Roy, Utah, bigger than Weber County, bigger, than the Wasatch Front, and bigger than Utah!  Christ calls us to share the message of God's love to every corner of the world.  We support those efforts in places like Show Low, Arizona; Piedras Negras, Mexico; and Zimbabwe, Africa.  We send funds and friends to help with these important missions.