A-Z Missions

Nick and Lindale Adams work in Chinoya, Zimbabwe in southern Africa.  They work with a church in Chinoya and train locals for church leadership through the ministry of Zimbabwe Christian College in the nations capitol Harare.  A-Z stands for Adams - Zimbabwe.  

IMPACT Campus Ministries

Impact Campus Ministries works out of Salt Lake and the University of Utah to minister to college campuses around the Salt Lake area. Campus Ministries are built on the premise that true success is developing "intimacy with God" (a personal, real, dynamic relationship with God through faith in Jesus). They do this by pursuing it ourselves, modeling it, and purposefully teaching it to university students across America.

Boise Bible College

Boise Bible College exist to train up leaders in God's kingdom. they offer 1, 2, and 4 year degrees that are ministry oriented and leadership trained. Whether you want to go into full time ministry or you just want to get some basic history under your belt Boise Bible College is a fully accredited college that provides ministers to church all over America. 

Colegio Biblico 

Colegio Biblico has two separate campuses across the Texas-Mexico border. There is one campus located in Eagle Pass, Texas and one in Piedras Negras, Coahulia Mexico. Each of the campus teach Bible Believing Christians how to be ministers in church both in Mexico and in the United States. professors there teach and rotate on their campuses teaching both English and Spanish speaking classes.The Texas campus is complete and fully operational teaching and instructing believers in God's Kingdom. The Mexico campus is still under construction with housing for both married and single dorms.

The American Indian Christian Mission

The American Indian Christian Mission is based in Show Low, Arizona. The mission was founded in 1969 out of concern for the Native American people. it started with Vacation Bible School classes for the kids and has turned into a major school and center program. they are famous for their "blue bus" which is an actual blue bus that drives onto the reservation and collects the students for school and other activities. they have summer enrichment programs in which churches come and still put on VBS for the kids and have started a Child sponsorship program for some of the kids there.

Intermountain Church Planters Association

In 1968, Southeast Christian Church planted Roy Christian Church. We have always had the desire to keep planting other churches and to help support them both financially and personally. in 2013 we helped plant Salt Christian Church in Layton, Utah, with former RCC associate pastor Brent Captain as the lead planter.. We also were involved in helping plant a church in Emmett, Idaho, with another former RCC associate pastor Ben McClary as the lead planter. ICPA helps plant church-planting churches throughout the Intermountain West, in Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.

Intermountain Church Camp

Intermountain Church Camp is located in Fairfield Idaho and provides a safe Christian camp that changes kids lives each year. The new main lodge serves great meals, holds lots of worshipping campers, and can hold up to to 40 people in 15 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, in addition to three boys' and three girls' cabins. Our students learn more about what it means to be a Christian in our world and how to share it with others. Camp changes the lives of each and every person that goes to it, whether it be a camper or a staff this camp will effect your life.

Pregnancy Care Center

The pregnancy care center of Ogden is a faith based organization that assists women who have found themselves in unexpected pregnancies. They provide women with complete, accurate information that may help them discover a positive alternative to abortion. ALL of the services are FREE, so people with limited or no income can get the medical tests and scans done that they need. By doing this the PCC helps mothers with clothes, diapers, toys, and food for babies.  

Work in China

Since 2017, RCC has supported the work of a married couple in central China. Due to security concerns, we will not publish further details here. There is information available in the main foyer about this family and the work they are doing.