Connections Courses

Roy Christian Church exists to lead people to life-changing connections with Jesus, His family, and our world. The following courses have been put together to help people as they make those connections. These courses are taught Sunday mornings at 9:00am in the east classroom behind the auditorium stage. 

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First Steps
This is a four week course where one can discover the first steps of faith in Jesus Christ and as a part of His family at Roy Christian Church. Each session will last about seventy minutes and will run four weeks consecutively. First Steps is offered in ... [more]

What are the fundamental components of a life connected to Christ? See how we grow in faith together and individually through worship, service, and spiritual disciplines. Basics is offered in January, May, and September. [more]

We are handmade by God and customized for His purposes and plans. Investigate how He has specially crafted you for Christian service. Find your ministry "sweet spot" and get moving! Customized is offered in March and July. [more]

The Bible contains the greatest story in the universe, a story that is constantly changing us and others. You can deliver that powerful message to others. Learn how to weave your story and God's story together. Commission is offered in November. [more]